Smart Sink Tray

Turn Your Sink Into a Beauty Spa

Style Pro 31′s unique Smart Sink Tray design helps save time and eliminates clutter in the bathroom.

Ingenious Smart Tray

The ingenious Style Pro 31 Smart Tray is a convenient, portable, lightweight and affordable foldout tray that fits most pedestal and traditional sinks to provide up to 288 square inches of additional counter space at the sink. Buy Now

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Convienence Features

Convenient Features

- Easy to unfold and easy to store
- Portable, lightweight and fits most sinks, including pedestal sinks
- Can remain on sink while water is running (for example, while washing your hands)
- Up to 288 square inches of increased countertop space
- Unfolded the tray is 24 inches wide and 20 inches tall

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Corporate Offers

Style Pro 31's Smart Sink Tray, the convenient, portable, and user-friendly tray that fits most sinks, is a perfect fit for companies in the service and hospitality business.

If you work for a hospital*, assisted living facility*, hotel, cruise line, apartment complex or college/university housing complex please fill out the form below and a Style Pro 31 representative will contact you as soon as possible. We offer corporate discounts for larger orders and can also customize your Smart Sink Trays with your company logo.

*For hospitals, assisted living facilities and other healthcare organizations Style Pro 31 offers an anti-microbial tray.

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How to use tray

You can create more counter space by placing the Smart Sink Tray over your bathroom sink. Check out this video to see how you can stay organized and save time while getting ready.



I love love my smart sink tray!!! I have a tiny sink so when I flat iron my hair I was sitting on the floor in front of a mirror balancing my flat iron on the box (real safe), or I'd have to brave having to juggle a brush while my hair clips and flat iron fell in the sink. When I did my makeup I'd dig in my bag for each item. Now I can spread out, see everything and be a whole lot safer. It stores so nicely under the sink and out of the way. I plan to get several as Christmas presents. I highly recommend it to anyone who spends any time at the bathroom mirror.



Since receiving my Smart Sink Tray, I've taken it on vacation with me to a beach house, weekend trips, and I use it when I do my hair at home. It was perfect at the beach house, we didn't have any counter space so my husband and I were able to have our toiletries on the Tray, easily accessible and organized. When I travel over the weekends, the Tray fits in my carryon bag and under the airplane seat. I found it helped me a lot in hotels. I was able to have everything out of my toiletry bag and out where I could see it, I didn't feel like I needed to clean up for the maids, and now I had space on the counter to put my clothes. I roomed with a friend on one trip and it was beneficial to us both, we didn't feel like we had to pack all of our stuff up we could both have our stuff on the Tray throughout our stay. At home I have a good amount of counter space but I still use the Tray. I like that my hairy dryer and flat iron can sit on the tray, it makes for an easy pick up and put down.



Bernard, this has to be the best invention EVER!! I live in a one bedroom apartment so I find myself tight on space everywhere, but especially in the bathroom!! I use to have people come over and tell me all the time that there wasn't enough room for them to wash their hands with everything in and around my sink, quite embarrassing actually! I had no where to put things so I would end up leaving my flatiron and things in the sink because I was afraid it would burn the counter. However, thanks to the smart sink tray I don't have to do any of that! I can put all my things out on my smart sink tray and still use my water and not be afraid my things will burn the counter! Smart Sink Tray takes care of everything, no mess, no clutter, not dangerous, and easy clean up! I'm so thankful for mine and I tell everyone about it!! I LOVE IT!!


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Smart Sink Tray

Style Pro 31′s Smart Sink Tray is a convenient, portable, and user-friendly tray that fits most sinks. The tray alleviates the clutter that surrounds sinks by allowing objects to be placed directly on it. Style Pro 31′s Smart Smart Tray can also be used in dorms and hospitals, and for hunting, fishing and travel.

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